My Gratitude to Mentors

Thank You Mentors

I sincerely thank every one of you for the help you rendered in critical times of my life and the time that you have spent for me while mentoring. At times I think that those were the special gifts that I had from you as it had the purity of giving and sharing of your knowledge, experience and wisdom that enriched my understanding about leadership, communication and the value systems. Whatever I have achieved and gained so far in this life, would not have been possible without your time, knowledge and guidance.

You all had no obligations to help me; while I had just met every one of you at different stages during my life journey, but you have laid a solid foundation in shaping me to stand as a better person today.

Starting from Madam Kuppu, who had provided shelter when I was on the street, not sure where would I be now if she had not supported me during that crucial time.

Mr.Mathi, tutor who almost guided me as my father in getting me back into educational track after 10 years when I wrote 10th Grade exam directly in spite of being a 4th grade school dropout. Surely I would not have achieved all my professional qualifications thereafter. Not sure where would I stand today if I had not met him.

My college friend Hemalata, who pushed me into the spiritual path, which otherwise I would not have entered into, the ocean of treasure and life truth. That helped me to identify the purpose of my life

MILT Trainer Aporesh Acharya, has brought paradigm shift in my attitude towards life and living. Attending MILT Conventions, Alumni & Snehalaya gave the happiness that my soul was starving which no amount money or material things could give

In Toastmasters, mentors Uma Radhakrishnan, Lakhi Sawlani, Seetha Sagaran, VP Menon who all made me to become better speaker. Mentor Shahjahan Beyabani who not only made me to become a better communicator but also he has become my Life Coach, one of the great and wonderful people I have met in my life.

The list will go on as there were so many who have helped me and still helping me in my life journey.

My gratitude and thank you everyone for your commitment, support and contribution which are indispensable for my success till today and for my life ahead.

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