Toastmasters Ice Breaker project 1

Sincere people never fail; instead success will surrender to them.

Dear Fellow Toastmasters, prospective Toastmasters & all those who happen to read this orator, here are few words from my life story that wish to share with you, which will definitely make you to change your perception about what is possible & what is not.

  1. I was born in a village near Chennai as 6th member to share 3 sisters & 2 brothers. My father, a small businessman, was doing hand embroidering at home. In 1977, when I was studying in 4th Std, Tamil Medium, my mother fell sick, so seriously, I had to discontinue my school & became a dedicated nurse to her. That was the end of my school studies. 4 years flown like wind, only then I slowly started worrying about my future & became curious to learn something. Hence I went to my cousin, Engineer in cylinder manufacturing company in City, with a desire to become a technician. But he did not like my curiosity, instead suppressed my learning. So he told me to leave his house & go back to our village. But I always had the attitude of going ahead, do or die. Hence I joined a contractor in the same company, where I was forced to carry so much weight over my head even rubber slipper would get jammed. In the night used to wait for the shops to close & sleep on the roadside, where even street dogs slept next to me. Finally my cousin instructed the security not to allow me inside the factory. By seeing vacancy board, in front of small factories, I tried for even office boy job, I was refused, because I didn’t have even 10th grade. Then worked in trucks carrying river sands, there also cousin interfered. Finally I was forced go into underworld activities.
  2. After few months fortunately a woman helped me to go to Bangalore. There I joined a factory, manufacturing steam cooking plant, where I was paid 150 Rs p.m. Later joined a Bus Body Building company as buffer. After 2 years, even that also closed due to strike. Then worked in many factories as buffer on contract. This way 10 years passed after leaving school. Only then, while mingling with friends studying in schools & colleges, I realized about the loss of studies & why I too could not live like them. I cried!!!, because it was too late at the age of 20 years to rejoin school. Then I consoled myself at least let me learn English alone. But still my mind was saying that, if I study in English medium, even my studies also will progress.
  3. Then my tutorial teacher Mr.Mathi, who is my God Father, Guru & Mentor, helped me to appear for 10th exam directly in 1987, 10 years after leaving school studies. I passed in 2nd attempt with just 211 marks; where as minimum required were 210. That was the happiest moment of my life. I was walking on the road but I had a feeling of flying high in the sky. Then to save one year I joined 12th commerce directly by skipping 11th. Those friends studying in college said that, I can’t do this; to their surprise I passed in first attempt. Due to the absence of my high school studies, St Joseph’s college, Bangalore refused to give admission for Hence joined Dr.Ambedkar Evening College & in daytime continued my job as buffer.

 1st year, 2 passed in our college, I had 3rd class & the other 2nd class.

 2nd year also, 2 passed, but this time I had 2nd class and the other 3rd class.

 For 3rd year, by seeing my progress, St Joseph College gave me admission, where I was refused for 1st year. There I got First Class.

  1. While looking for what next I came to know about CA & ICWA, which I never knew. But my classmates said that these are very difficult. I became more curious & crazy to do that thing which others were scared of. I was not scared for my decisions but my friends were. One friend, who was a driver said, his boss’s 2 brilliant sons also joined CA but they could not complete, and they look like mad now. Hence he requested me, please don’t join CA Velu. Still I went ahead & completed ICWA & CA, with rank in ICWA final. It so happened I went to same company for auditing, where I had worked as labour/Buffer. It was then my thirst for education got subdued.
  2. My first job after CA qualification was in a Spinning Mill in Gujarat as Accounts Manager. Then many beautiful girls came forward to marry me, but I was not fortunate to marry all of them & I married only one. We have 2 sons, Kartik & Kautik. Now I am working with United Broadcast & Media Solutions, in Dubai, as Finance Manager.
  3. My Goals are:

 To provide educational support to deprived children.

 To participate in TM international Convention.

  1. There were many negative motivations, which I converted into positive & constructive actions, using my discretion sincerely & taking the things in right perspective. One important quality of mine, which brought me from there, where I was struggling for my survival, to my current position, is Sincerity.
  2. Hence I say – “Sincerity is something, which will take us to a great height that will be a far better place than where we actually wanted to be”

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